"Your real first love will make you realize that your first love wasn’t really your first love."

"The only people up at 3 am are in love, lonely, drunk, or all three."

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Why do you like kim ?


Kim Kardashian, a physically embodied commentary on today’s modern human condition, and result of contemporary media consumption in the 21st century. Nevertheless, as a society we have transformed Kim into a cultural icon, an emblem of celebrity worship, a symbolic representation of what we deem valuable in the materialistic utopia of today. Which brings into question the concept of celebrity itself, in this case a mere celebration of vanity. However, many would agree the Kim Kardashian phenomenon spans far beyond vanity alone, tapping into the human psychology with a mesmerizing allure so strong we can’t help but look on in awe. At some point in this journey Kim becomes an exercise in our own self-worth, reflecting onto us our own primal fears, values and ambitions. Like the abstract concept which governs political and monetary systems around the world, we entrust our faith in Kim in an almost religious fashion, canonizing her along the way. Despite any differences of opinion, there is no denying a collective acceptance of Kim Kardashian as a pop culture ambassador, here to catapult our generation beyond a seemingly final frontier of postmodern thinking.


Do You | Miguel (Cashmere Cat Remix)

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